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Raul, founder CEO Orange Tires Tx Austin
Raul Andres, founder CEO Orange Tires Tx Austin
Hello, I'm Raul Andrés, founder of ORANGE TIRES! My passion for mechanics takes root from my younger years, and my story begins in Miami, Florida. In those days, I was working as a mechanic, honing my skills and discovering my love for vehicles. My first encounter with the world of tires and auto mechanics was while driving my first personal van in Miami, equipped with a modest compressor. However, back then, this was more of a hobby than a vocation.
My life took a decisive turn when I moved to Austin, Texas, in search of new opportunities. I came here without a job, but with a great passion for mechanics. One day, while I was in trouble with a flat tire, a kind stranger stopped to help me. As we talked, I shared my experience and my deep interest in this field. That good Samaritan not only helped me with my problem on the road, but also connected me with a job opportunity in the mechanics world in Austin. That's how I started again.
My days as a mechanic led me to perform tire changes and vehicle maintenance. In a moment of certainty, while working on a tire change, I realized that he had the knowledge and skill to do it on my own. It was at that precise moment that the idea of creating my own business was born.
With determination and passion, I founded ORANGE TIRES. Our name reflects the vitality and energy we put into everything we do. From humble beginnings to becoming an established Austin company, we are proud to have grown alongside this community. We are committed to providing the highest quality products and services, backed by a work ethic rooted in a passion for vehicles and road safety.
At ORANGE TIRES, we are here to serve you, keep your vehicles moving, and make sure you always get to your destination safely and reliably. Join us on this exciting journey as we continue to provide cutting-edge automotive solutions and forge lasting connections in the Austin community.
Thank you for being a part of our story and trusting us for all your tire and automotive service needs!
Raul Andrés
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